Welcome to “The Leyden Jar”!

This game is a short campaign to introduce you to one of my favourite rpg systems: Mage: The Ascension.

This game uses the Revised edition rules (published in 2000). It is meant to be a rules-lite game, with a strong story and character focus, rather than rules focus. This is, for two reasons:

1) Mage is a really complicated game to learn. I don’t want people new to the game to be too overwhelmed at the start.

2) Mage can be a really complicated game to run. I’m a very inexperienced GM so I don’t want to get tripped up on mechanics too often.

This isn’t to say we won’t be rolling dice or referring to the rules regularly. But we probably won’t be rolling dice for every single magical spell you want to cast, or for every conflict you enter into.

Please browse the site to see what resources are here for you. I’ll be keeping track of the main aspects of the story here so you can stay up to date between games. Please feel free to use the forums for IC chatter between games.

Thank you for playing in my game. I look forward to seeing what story we end up creating together!


The Leyden Jar